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A  very nice old mourning ring, probably English since I doubt 1800 America had the skill and knowledge to make such a ring.  It is 10k gold with a great mourning scene of a woman in a long dress standing by an urn-topped  tombstone under a weeping willow tree.  The initials GW and ES are on the stone.  The image is under a clear oval rock crystal which is held on the ring by a  mounting collar of gold.  There is a hand engraved inscription inside the ring in old style script.  The three lines of script are:      Geo. Williams     ob. 15 Apl 1803    aet 27.   The abbreviation “ob.” meant “died” in 1803 England.  The abbreviation “aet” meant “age”, from the latin word “aetas”.   So the inscription says that George Williams died April 15, 1803 at the age of 27.  I cannot know that the GW on the tombstone stood for Geo. Williams, but I would bet on it.  I have no clue about the ES, but she was probably very close to Geo.  Of course the ring has age scratches and dings, but nothing major.